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Not All Brewery Chiller Systems Are Created Equal

Our ICC engineers enjoy being a trusted resource for microbrewers nationwide. We understand the unique equipment needs of craft brewers, including robust chiller systems.

Whether you are a start-up, a growing brewery or an established brewery, our team has the expertise to identify the proper system for your operation or create a custom chiller system specific to your brewery.

We know that not just any chiller system will do. Brewery chillers are often required to operate at lower temperatures for extended periods of time. For basic chillers these robust operating needs can result in premature compressor failure, downtime, loss of product and loss of profit.

Often brewers are operating on a shoestring budget during the launch years and downtime and/or losses can cause great setbacks. By proactively identifying the right chiller system from the get-go, brewers can breathe easy, concentrate on building a strong customer base and growing their business.

Factors to consider for microbrewery chiller systems:

  • Desired fluid temperatures
  • Ambient conditions
  • Required horsepower
  • Evaporator specifications
  • Future growth projection

Don’t stress over your brewery chiller needs, call ICC and let our team of experts take it from there.



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