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PTAC Maintenance

Reliable PTAC Cleaning And Maintenance Services

ICC is a preferred service vendor for hotel, motel, condo and apartment PTAC units


Single, commercial grade, self-contained packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) are vital to an exceptional guest experience in many hotels and motels.

Did you know a well-maintained PTAC can last 7 to 10 years? However, when neglected the average lifespan drops to 5 years. Additionally, PTACs not cleaned regularly have a tendency to emit odors that guests may find offensive. Many Choice franchisees have even failed QAR inspections due to poorly maintained PTACs.

The industry recommendation cleaning schedule by PTAC manufacturers is at least annually. If local conditions warrant, cleanings may be required up to four times annually.

Regular maintenance and cleanings keep PTACs cleaner, running at peak performance and provide for cost savings with lower utility costs.

Let ICC help make essential PTAC maintenance and cleanings stress free for your hotel, motel, condo or apartment property.


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