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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Sales & Leasing

Refrigeration Sales, Leasing, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services

Since 1988, the ICC Mechanical Services and ICC Cold Storage Products team has been assisting clients worldwide with quality dependable commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions.

  • 25+ Year Reputation
  • Industry Expertise
  • Proven Dependability
  • High Value Products

We offer refrigeration equipment sales, leasing, repair and warranty work.

  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Walk-In Coolers
  • Walk-In Combos
  • Reach-In Coolers
  • Refrigeration Parts, Panels & Lighting

Our professional team is there for you every step of the project, from identifying needed systems, to assembly, installation and maintenance. All commercial refrigeration equipment come complete with a 1 year compressor warranty. If Freezers and/or Coolers are installed and continually monitored and maintained by ICC, 5 year warranties are available as well.

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We provide panels, refrigeration parts, lighting and instructions for assembly!

We will help thru the entire process!

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