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HVAC/Emergency Repair

Emergency Commercial Refrigeration And HVAC Repairs

Our standard code red response time is less than four hours

Timely – Reliable – Cost-Effective


Essential Emergency Services at Affordable Prices…

We understand commercial refrigeration and HVAC repairs can be stressful and lead to loss of product, profits and customers.

At ICC, we refer to equipment failure as a “code red” service call. In the event of a “code red,” we will dispatch a technician to your location as fast as possible. Our normal response time to a “code red” is less than four hours.

However, you may be better served by a planned response. For instance, you may want our technician to arrive when you first open for business. We work with your schedule, even if it means arriving early or working late. Whether it’s a “code red” or a planned response, you will always find our rates to be very competitive.

Tired of Always Hearing “This Will Be Double or Triple Time?” Many of our customers are in the retail business – most open till late in the evening and on weekends. As a retailer, you probably don’t tell your customer that the hamburger on Saturday will be “One and One Half” times the week day price. You won’t hear that from ICC either! Call us Saturday morning for commercial refrigeration and HVAC repair, and we will be there that day at the same low rate as our weekday rate.

Additionally, do you sometimes feel like you are just handing out a blank check when the service technician arrives at your location? You won’t with ICC. After the technician determines required repairs, our dispatchers will fax or email a guaranteed repair quotation that clearly states the cost for that commercial refrigeration or HVAC repair. Thirty Most Required Repairs Catalogue Available

ICC Mechanical Services is the only commercial refrigeration and HVAC repair company in the Northwest Indiana area that offers “the most required” repair cost schedule online. Contact us and request our Cost Catalogue of the Thirty “Most Required” Equipment Repairs, and we will send it to you via email. With this catalogue, you will know the cost before you call.


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