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Commercial Cold Storage Construction Solutions

Since 1988, Indiana-based ICC Mechanical Services and ICC Cold Storage Products have been assisting clients worldwide with quality dependable cold storage construction, custom commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions, cutting edge indoor pool dehumidification systems and industry specific chiller systems. ICC’s mechanical services, preventative maintenance and repair services coupled with a robust product portfolio provide for turn-key solutions that put clients at ease and keep business moving forward.


“ICC has the right solutions for your needs today, tomorrow and in the future.”

“Your success is our success.”

As a leading cold storage construction and mechanical services company specialized in industrial refrigeration, indoor pool dehumidification systems, innovative industry specific chiller systems and filtration systems, ICC Mechanical Services and ICC Cold Storage Products have remained at the forefront of the industry through proven dependability and a commitment to constructing quality facilities with an exceptional degree of reliability.

For over 25 years, ICC has been a trusted cold storage and commercial refrigeration facilities construction partner for food processing and distribution, pharmaceutical, medical storage and environmental room clients. We pride ourselves on custom solutions for customers across the globe, who rely on ICC’s design, fabrication and installation services, along with our knowledgeable staff and expert service technicians for their custom applications. Our clients breathe easy knowing ICC is on the job.